Rental law

News: Free sector rent increases capped

Until now, it has been possible in the free rental sector to…
20/05/2020/by M2 Advocaten
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Lease agreement house: clause to the detriment of the tenant still valid

In rental law, tenants of dwellings are generally well protected.…
23/09/2019/by M2 Advocaten

Service costs for liberalised rent: more freedom of contract for landlord of living space

Earlier we published a blog about a landlord of a free sector…
27/02/2019/by M2 Advocaten
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Termination of rental agreement due to urgent own use

Tenants of residential property generally enjoy considerable…
08/01/2019/by M2 Advocaten
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Business space rental: Deviating terms for retail and catering premises

Tenants of medium-sized business premises (7:290 BW) enjoy more…
05/07/2018/by M2 Advocaten
Building with store - Herenstraat

Landlord misses out on rent review after renovation of property

An owner of a retail property has his property rebuilt, which…
23/05/2018/by M2 Advocaten

Pitfalls in case of a temporary rental contract

the introduction of the “Wet Doorstroming Huurmarkt”, it…
30/11/2017/by M2 Advocaten
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Does Rent goes before Purchase even when part of the leased plot is transferred?

If splitting the lease leads to a sensible result, transferring…
08/11/2017/by Marius Rijntjes

Suspension of rent due to defects? Tenant watch out!

In practice it happens regularly. A tenant who is fed up with…
12/07/2016/by Ginio Beij

Can a VvE ban AirBnB or Short Stay?

A previous blog has already extensively discussed the requirements…
08/03/2016/by Ginio Beij

Landlord suffers damages as a result of police action against tenant. Who bears the damage?

If damage lies outside the normal social risk or the normal business…
02/03/2016/by Marius Rijntjes