Vacation rental

News: Free sector rent increases capped

Until now, it has been possible in the free rental sector to…
20/05/2020/by M2 Advocaten
Duty of investigation

How far does the obligation to investigate go when purchasing a home?

We still have to deal with an overheated housing market in which…
14/05/2020/by M2 Advocaten

House sharing with two people possibly forbidden?

At the beginning of this year, the Council of State issued a…
11/05/2020/by M2 Advocaten

Supreme Court imposes restrictions on service charges

6Last year you could read a blog on our website about a judgment…
06/05/2020/by M2 Advocaten
old canal houses in Amsterdam

Essentials Dutch real estate law: Apartment rights, the home owners association (VvE) and the splitting deed

In the Netherlands, and certainly in the big cities, there are…
17/04/2020/by M2 Advocaten

Essentials Dutch real estate law: The temporary lease agreement

Are you looking for a temporary home or do you just want to rent…
17/04/2020/by M2 Advocaten

Essential Dutch real estate law: Buying a home

In this blog we briefly discuss the most important regulations…
17/04/2020/by M2 Advocaten

Possible temporary extension of temporary rental agreements due to Corona crisis

Now that the world is plagued by the Corona virus, many people…
08/04/2020/by M2 Advocaten

New rules for B & Bs in 2020 in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has experienced explosive growth in the number of bed…
13/03/2020/by M2 Advocaten

A ban on holiday rentals (AirBnB)?

Since October 1, 2017, there is a reporting obligation in Amsterdam…
13/03/2020/by M2 Advocaten

Rules Bed & Breakfast 2019 Amsterdam

Below you will find the most important rules for B & Bs that…
04/10/2019/by M2 Advocaten
contract image

Lease agreement house: clause to the detriment of the tenant still valid

In rental law, tenants of dwellings are generally well protected.…
23/09/2019/by M2 Advocaten

Home Owners’Association (VVE): How to have a VvE decision annulled in time

If an individual VvE member cannot agree with a VvE decision,…
10/09/2019/by M2 Advocaten

Squatting: What are the rules?

Because of the group WE ARE HERE, the phenomenon of squatting…
23/08/2019/by Ginio Beij

Student nuisance: Municipality has to withdraw permission for a roof terrace

Recently we discussed another case in which the owner of a roof…
27/06/2019/by Ginio Beij

Roof terrace may remain despite lack of permit

An owner of a roof terrace had to remove her roof terrace from…
19/06/2019/by Ginio Beij

Owners Association (VvE): Owner of crawl space by statute of limitations?

Earlier we discussed the situation in which an apartment owner…
03/06/2019/by Ginio Beij

Sale of property: cooling-off period for the seller

When you are selling a house, a private buyer is given a three-day…
15/05/2019/by M2 Advocaten

Purchase of property: what if it stinks?

You finally bought your dream house, but soon the house turns…
03/04/2019/by M2 Advocaten

Holiday rental (AirBnB): Judge moderates fines, minister wants to increase fines

Holiday home rentals in the Netherlands continue to be very busy,…
25/03/2019/by M2 Advocaten

Penalty clauses in housing rental contract

In 2013, a ruling of the European Court of Justice revealed that…
11/03/2019/by M2 Advocaten

Service costs for liberalised rent: more freedom of contract for landlord of living space

Earlier we published a blog about a landlord of a free sector…
27/02/2019/by M2 Advocaten

Neighbourhood law: legal construction of roof terrace by statute of limitations

A roof terrace. Almost everyone wants to have one, but almost…
11/02/2019/by M2 Advocaten
picture of a fence

Easement: withdrawal for lack of interest

In the event of a waiver of easement due to lack of interest,…
23/01/2019/by M2 Advocaten
picture of contract breach

Termination of rental agreement due to urgent own use

Tenants of residential property generally enjoy considerable…
08/01/2019/by M2 Advocaten
warning sign mind your neighbors thank you

Apartment law: Nuisance caused by room rental

Unfortunately, neighbors and nuisance often turn out to be a…
26/11/2018/by M2 Advocaten
larger picture hotel policy

The hotel policy in the four major cities

For years cities were fighting to attract tourists, nowadays…
21/11/2018/by M2 Advocaten
tape measure NVM

Realtors in the Netherlands must not apply double standards

The Supreme Court recently ruled that an NVM broker (NVM is the…
18/09/2018/by M2 Advocaten
rental law lawyer in Amsterdam

Rent Business premises: Substitution at 7:290 BW business premises

If a company wants to sell its business, it usually has an interest…
14/08/2018/by M2 Advocaten
crossing sign

Lease of business premises: Lease contract does not automatically pass in the event of a change in legal form

Starting entrepreneurs often start as a one-man business or VOF…
02/08/2018/by M2 Advocaten
vintage phote grocery store

Business space rental: Deviating terms for retail and catering premises

Tenants of medium-sized business premises (7:290 BW) enjoy more…
05/07/2018/by M2 Advocaten
old dilapidated house

Watch out for the age clause in sale purchase agreements

More and more house sellers are including a so-called 'age clause'…
31/05/2018/by M2 Advocaten
Building with store - Herenstraat

Landlord misses out on rent review after renovation of property

An owner of a retail property has his property rebuilt, which…
23/05/2018/by M2 Advocaten
Roof terrace

Owner’s Association (VvE): Amend the deed of division when constructing a roof terrace or basement?

Space is scarce in the Netherlands, and people are often looking…
09/05/2018/by M2 Advocaten

Waiver of legal protection. Claim null and void?

This question was recently raised in a case before the District…
06/03/2018/by Marius Rijntjes
breakfast in bed

Licensing requirement for Bed & Breakfasts in Amsterdam

The battle that the municipality of Amsterdam is waging against…
28/02/2018/by M2 Advocaten
deserted area 2

Lost property due to statute of limitations: right to compensation or return?

The Supreme Court issued a judgment in 2017, in which it was…
25/01/2018/by Marius Rijntjes
30 km zone


It is a done deal, the board in Amsterdam has decided to reduce…
16/01/2018/by M2 Advocaten
reserve fund


On 1 January 2018, the Improvement of the Functioning of Owners'…
11/01/2018/by M2 Advocaten
service costs

Living space service costs: Can the OA (VvE) contribution be charged on to the tenant?

It regularly happens that a landlord passes on the Owners Association…
11/12/2017/by M2 Advocaten

Pitfalls in case of a temporary rental contract

the introduction of the “Wet Doorstroming Huurmarkt”, it…
30/11/2017/by M2 Advocaten
old canal houses in Amsterdam

Prince Bernhard can get hefty fines

Recently, reports have appeared in the media (see here) that…
27/11/2017/by M2 Advocaten
sign for sale and for rent

Does Rent goes before Purchase even when part of the leased plot is transferred?

If splitting the lease leads to a sensible result, transferring…
08/11/2017/by Marius Rijntjes
empty house

Fine for vacancy in Amsterdam, how does it work?

It has been possible for some time that owners of office buildings…
24/10/2017/by Marius Rijntjes
Multiple door bells in an apartment building

Dissatisfied with Owners Association (VvE)-manager? There is something you can do.

In my practice, I come across it regularly. Complaints about…
09/10/2017/by Ginio Beij

Duty of care mediator. Control tenant. Damage due to loss of rent?

This question was recently raised in a case before the Arnhem-Leeuwarden…
27/07/2017/by Marius Rijntjes
alimony indexing

Indexing rent afterwards, is that okay?

Many (standard) leases include an indexation clause. This means…
04/05/2017/by Ginio Beij
picture of wittenberg building

Is a nursing home a home? Not according to the Council of State…

The Council of State recently made a decision in a case of principle…
22/02/2017/by Marius Rijntjes
maarten van den heuvel

From the practice of M2 Advocaten: VvE law

It sometimes happens that a new owner presents himself within…
09/02/2017/by Marius Rijntjes
Houses alongside water

Airbnb agreement with Amsterdam

Last Thursday, Airbnb agreed to modify its website. The update…
08/12/2016/by Ginio Beij
prohibition sign rolling suitcases

To be or not to Airbnb? Enforcement in Amsterdam

Previous blogs discussed what is enforced when it comes to B&B's.

21/11/2016/by Ginio Beij

Realtor statement. Client bound? Infringement of duty of care?

These questions were recently raised in a case before the Court…
08/11/2016/by Marius Rijntjes

Suspension of rent due to defects? Tenant watch out!

In practice it happens regularly. A tenant who is fed up with…
12/07/2016/by Ginio Beij

Fine on illegal hotels in residences increased

Earlier in this blog we discussed when you, as a resident of…
07/07/2016/by Ginio Beij

Inheritance. Municipality offer sufficiently clear?

An offer is sufficiently determinable when the determination…
14/06/2016/by Marius Rijntjes

Shared housing: rented out according to the rules?

Attention! As of 1 January 2017, the municipality of Amsterdam…
08/06/2016/by Ginio Beij

Error in splitting deed. Are the next owners protected?

Owners are protected as third parties in good faith after they…
24/03/2016/by Marius Rijntjes

Can a VvE ban AirBnB or Short Stay?

A previous blog has already extensively discussed the requirements…
08/03/2016/by Ginio Beij

Landlord suffers damages as a result of police action against tenant. Who bears the damage?

If damage lies outside the normal social risk or the normal business…
02/03/2016/by Marius Rijntjes