Rules Bed & Breakfast 2019 Amsterdam

Below you will find the most important rules for B & Bs that currently apply (2019) in Amsterdam. However, these rules remain in force even after January 1, 2020. The new rules from January 1, 2020 are an addition to these rules.

  • The manager of the B&B must be the main occupant and must therefore be registered in the Personal Records Database at the same address;
  • A B&B must be registered with the municipality;
  • Only 40% of the total area in the home may be used for the B&B;
  • The B&B has a maximum of 4 fixed sleeping places for guests;
  • The B&B itself may not form an independent space. If the B&B has its own shower, toilet and kitchen, it will be regarded as an independent space;
  • The main occupant can only operate the B&B. The management and, for example, the reception of guests may not be placed in the hands of a so-called key company.

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