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Marius Rijntjes

Marius Rijntjes specialises in civil property law, including tenancy law, purchase and sale transactions, and project development. He has also built up expertise in the field of owners’ rights and obligations, such as easement disputes, owners’ association cases, and prescription issues. Marius, who has years of litigation experience, successfully completed the specialist course in property at Radboud University’s Grotius Academie, is an experienced lecturer, and also publishes regularly on various property topics.

M.H. (Marius) Rijntjes

VIDA gebouw.

Kabelweg 57

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Ginio Beij

Ginio has been a lawyer since 2002. Clients appreciate his approach because he empathises with their interests and knows that a practical solution often outweighs the importance of a victory. But he also understands the art of litigating on a razor edge and knows how to achieve a successful outcome in complex proceedings.
In his practice, Ginio handles many cases in the field of tenancy law (including leases, terminating a lease or tenancy agreement, and renovations) and purchase transactions. And he regularly assists apartment owners and owners’ association members in disputes concerning apartment rights. Ginio also has extensive experience in property-related administrative law, particularly spatial administrative law (environmental permits, zoning plans, and the Housing Act) and enforcement disputes (administrative coercion and orders subject to a penalty for noncompliance). And because of his broad knowledge of property law, he is also able to advise clients on project development.
Ginio is a member of the Tenancy Lawyers Association and completed the specialist course required for membership cum laude. Ginio is also editor of the magazine Huurrecht In Praktijk (HIP, Tenancy Law in Practice). Ginio has taught for years – including at Radboud University’s Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPO), the Academy for Legal Practice (AVDR, where he presents a webinar) and IPD (estate agents’ training) – and regularly gives lectures on all kinds of property topics. He also has the necessary publications to his name.

G.I. (Ginio) Beij

VIDA gebouw

Kabelweg 57

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Nicole Aarland-Kensdell

Nicole has been working at M2 Advocaten as a legal assistant since July 2022. She is known for her listening ear and her decisive approach. Nicole has a natural passion for law that allows her to quickly understand complex laws and regulations. By means of a legal-strategic approach, she often finds a suitable and advantageous solution for clients.

As a student Nicole participated in various moot court competitions and in 2016 she won the championship with her study association Amsterdams Pleitgezelschap CICERO. In 2017 Nicole completed her master’s degree in private law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Nicole has worked at the Real Estate department of the municipality of Amsterdam where she has mainly been involved in the legal side of object delineation of residential and business properties. That’s where her love for real estate originated.

In 2019 Nicole founded a legal advisory practice in which she advised and assisted private individuals and entrepreneurs in the field of tenancy law, contract law and general contract law. In the online world of social media, Nicole is known for the cases she writes for sharing legal knowledge with her followers.

N.S. (Nicole) Aarland-Kensdell

VIDA gebouw

Kabelweg 57

1014 BA Amsterdam

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