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Practice areas

M2 Advocaten specialises in property law, with a focus on tenancy law, purchase transactions, owners’ associations, and project development. We have also built up considerable expertise in property-related administrative law (environmental permits, enforcement, and the Housing Act). All our lawyers have extensive experience both in advising and litigating, with a practical solution always being the preferred outcome.

Commercial tenancy law

In the area of commercial tenancy law, we can assist you in drawing up, assessing, and negotiating leases, and in resolving all conceivable disputes, including about maintenance/defects, substitution, changes in the intended use, rent reviews, renovations, lease termination, eviction, and debt collection.


Purchase and sale

In the area of purchase and sale, we can assist you in drawing up, assessing, and negotiating purchase agreements, and in resolving all conceivable disputes about performing and enforcing purchase agreements, such as defects (non-conformity) or if the purchased property is not transferred or possession is not taken on time.


Owners’ associations and apartment rights

In the area of apartment rights and owners’ associations, we can guide you through and explain property division and related regulations, and assist you with all kinds of owners’ association disputes, such as the apportionment of service charges.


Project development

In project development, it is essential that the parties involved make firm arrangements about the division of roles, the size of the project, and its implementation. In this context, we have advised on joint venture agreements, development agreements, operating agreements, and implementation agreements, among others. During the implementation phase, it is also important that the necessary permits and licences are obtained. We have advised and litigated on zoning plans, planning permission, and other permits and dispensations that are necessary for seeing a project through to completion.


Administrative law

In the area of administrative law, we can provide advice and assist you in disputes concerning government decisions, such as zoning plans, planning permission, and dispensations. We also have experience in government liability and contracting with government agencies.


Due dilligence

When buying and selling property, it is important to know exactly what is being bought or sold. What rights or obligations are attached to the property? Are there any tenants or other users? Does the zoning plan permit the intended use? Are there easements, attachments, municipal or other preferential rights, or any other restrictions?
Especially in larger projects or property portfolios, it is advisable to carefully examine all documents and establish whether any information is missing. Asking the right questions now can prevent considerable headaches later. M2 Advocaten has extensive experience in conducting thorough due diligence and can help you get all the essential information you need.


Debt collection, attachments and foreclosure law

M2 Advocaten is the firm to turn to when you need assistance in recovering overdue debts. We are well versed in debt collection practice, both in the preliminary phase (reminders and demands) and in debt collection procedures. Where necessary, we also have extensive experience in attachments, enforcing judgments, summary foreclosures, enforcement disputes, and so on.


Housing tenancy law

In the area of housing tenancy law, we can assist you in drawing up, assessing, and negotiating tenancy agreements, and in resolving all conceivable disputes, including about maintenance/defects, renovations, termination and eviction, substitution, legal and illegal subletting, rent adjustment, nuisance, and debt collection.


Professional liability

We have regularly advised and litigated on professional liability, particularly for estate agents, appraisers, civil-law notaries and other property consultants, in both disciplinary matters and civil proceedings.


Contract law

We have extensive experience in drawing up and negotiating contracts and, if necessary, litigating if the other party fails to perform.


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