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M2 Advocaten sets great store by transparent fees. Our fees are simply listed on this website and, contrary to customary practice in the legal profession, we do not charge a surcharge for office expenses and administration costs over and above our fees. Most importantly, we offer the option of working with a fixed price, so that you have clarity about the costs in advance.

Fixed price

M2 Advocaten offers you the option of agreeing a fixed price for our services. This way, you have clarity about the costs in advance. If you wish to agree on a fixed price, we will make an offer specifying the work to be performed and how many hours will be charged for it. Based on this, you will be offered a fixed price.

Hourly rates

If a fixed price is not agreed, our fee will be calculated based on the hours worked. We apply these hourly rates: Corporate clients: EUR 250.00 (excluding VAT) per hour Private clients: EUR 200.00 (excluding VAT) per hour. No surcharge is added to these hourly rates for office expenses. Third-party costs (i.e. for bailiffs, experts, court registry fees, etc.) will be charged separately.

Initial consultation free of charge

We do not charge for an initial 45-minute consultation with a new client.

General terms and conditions

Our general terms and conditions, including a limitation of liability, apply to all our services. These general terms and conditions can be downloaded here. The office complaints procedure can be found here.

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