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M2 Advocaten is not focused solely on the law, but also delves into the sectors in which our clients operate. We believe that it is important to monitor developments in these sectors to be able to continue providing sound advice. Here is an overview of the sectors in which we operate.


Even more so than in other sectors, location is crucial to the retail sector. Appearance, accessibility, passing trade, and parking facilities are decisive factors for the success of a retail outlet. M2 Advocaten has extensive experience in dealing with legal issues that arise in connection with the lease, letting, purchase, sale, and operation of retail premises, such as advice on leases, rent reviews, substitution, renovations, zoning plans, and planning permission.

Project development

In project development, it is essential that the parties involved make firm arrangements about the division of roles, the size of the project, and its implementation. In this context, we have advised on joint venture agreements, development agreements, operating agreements, and implementation agreements. During the implementation phase, it is also important that the necessary permits and licences are obtained. We have advised and litigated on zoning plans, planning permission, and other permits and dispensations that are necessary for seeing a project through to completion.

Healthcare property

In recent years, much has changed in healthcare legislation and care needs, which has also had repercussions on healthcare property. Nursing and care homes have become vacant and transformed. At the same time, the number of private initiatives and innovative care concepts is growing, thus increasing the need to develop healthcare property. M2 Advocaten is well-versed in the specific requirements that apply to healthcare property, such as advising on leases and purchase agreements, zoning plans, and the Housing Act for healthcare providers, healthcare business owners, and project developers.


M2 Advocaten is experienced in legal issues involving the government, whether it be municipalities, provinces, the State, or other government agencies. This includes advice and litigation on government decisions and government liability. We are also regularly involved in negotiations with the government as a contracting party. And we have advised government agencies on matters such as the legal sustainability of decisions or government policy.

Office market

There has been a dichotomy in the office market for years: vacancy rates rising steadily on the one hand, with a need for good office space on the other. M2 Advocaten is experienced at drawing up leases for office space. M2 Advocaten helps you come up with solutions to vacancies, such as converting office space into other uses.

House market

M2 Advocaten has extensive experience in advising on legal issues relating to housing. This includes disputes that can arise during the purchase of the home, such as discovering defects or not taking possession of the home due to a financing arrangement clause. We also have considerable experience in renting and letting homes, such as disputes about maintenance and defects, renovations, tenancy agreement termination and eviction, substitution, legal and illegal subletting, rent adjustments, nuisance, and debt collection.

Non-profit sector

There is a growing demand for property in the non-profit sector with specific requirements that apply to the sector, such as educational institutions (school buildings and practice areas) or healthcare providers (hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics). M2 Advocaten is experienced in advising on leases and purchase agreements relating to this type of property.


With the property market under pressure, appraisers are playing an increasingly important role. Individuals want to know how much their property is still worth, property investors need information about their property portfolio, and banks need to determine whether a property still offers adequate security. Appraisals are therefore being put under increasing scrutiny. M2 Advocaten is experienced in assisting appraisers if their valuations are questioned.

Estate agencies

Estate agencies are an important link in the property market. In our practice, we are in regular contact with estate agents, who act as a bridge between the parties to property transactions, such as between tenants and landlords or buyers and sellers. Clients expect more and more, so it is vital for an estate agent to be very familiar with the legal aspects of their mandate. M2 Advocaten has extensive experience in assisting estate agents, both with providing advice on their services and in commission disputes, disciplinary cases, or professional liability proceedings.

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