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Track Record

Below you can read a selection of different procedures, advice and transactions in which M2 Advocaten is involved.



Rental transaction nursing home Wittenberg

M2 Advocaten advises on the conclusion of a 35-year lease with the British party SACO in relation to the former Wittenberg nursing home. SACO will use the planned 116 apartments for short stay purposes (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Rental transaction hotel Arnhem

M2 Advocaten advises hotel owner on the conclusion of a lease agreement for a new hotel to be opened in the city centre of Arnhem (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Rental contract advice for HEMA Hoofddorp

M2 Advocaten advises HEMA Hoofddorp on the conclusion of a new 15-year lease (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Lease agreements shops “de 9 straatjes”

M2 Advocaten advises the owner of a number of retail properties in the “9 streets” in Amsterdam on the conclusion of new rental agreements (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Rental agreement Freezlab Olympic Stadium

M2 Advocaten advises owner Freezlab with the conclusion of a lease agreement for the lease of approx. 350 sq.m. in order to be able to establish the Cryosauna Freezlab (lawyer G.I. Beij).


Termination of leases A.H. Gerhardhuis and Eijkenhove

M2 Advocaten represents a large care organization in terminating the rent of two nursing homes. This has been the subject of extensive proceedings, which have been won at both the court and the Court. Read here the judgment of the Court (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Procedure cold-storage/freezing house

M2 Advocaten assists landlord refrigerator/freezer in proceedings against tenant due to damage as a result of late reporting leakage in refrigeration system (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Rental price procedure retail chain

M2 Advocaten assists the tenant (national optician) in proceedings against the owner in connection with the rent (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Rental price procedure deviating stipulations

M2 Advocaten assists tennis club with the request to the subdistrict court to approve deviating stipulations in connection with rental agreement with operator clubhouse / canteen (lawyer G.I. Beij).



Advice rental agreement Augustanahof

M2 Advocaten advises the Diaconate of the Evangelical-Lutheran Community of Amsterdam in drawing up a model lease for the residents of the Augustanahof in Amsterdam (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Advice housing management agreement

M2 Advocaten has drawn up a specific management agreement to be used in the management of various dwellings (lawyer G.I. Beij).


Procedure co-option right (tenant’s right to replacement co-tenant)

M2 Advocaten is in dispute with landlord about replacement of the departed co-tenant. Tenant threatened to lose his home. After summary proceedings a new agreement will be concluded (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Procedure renovation canal house

M2 Advocaten assists the owners of monumental canal house in Amsterdam that is in urgent need of renovation  in proceedings against tenants (lawyer G.I. Beij).



Van Houtenlaan (Weesp)

M2 Advocaten assists project developer with the (re)development of office building to supermarket and student accommodation, in total approx. 7,800 m2 GLA (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Cruquiusweg (Amsterdam)

M2 Advocaten assists project developer with the (re)development of office building to 149 rental apartments and 11 commercial spaces, in total approx. 17,000 m2 GLA (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Advice development Houthaven (Amsterdam)

M2 Advocaten assists project developer with the development of a residential care complex and houses on one of the peninsulas that are part of the Houthaven project. Concerns 93 owner-occupied houses, 1 intramural facility, 4 general social facilities, 39 social rental homes and 93 parking spaces (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Advice on construction and realisation Temporary Student Housing (WASA Students Village)

M2 Advocaten assists a project developer in the negotiations and contract formation for the realization of approx. 350 units of student housing -WASA Studenst Village in Amsterdam Sloterdijk (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Purchase of development locations

M2 Advocaten assists project developer with the purchase and sale of development locations in Weesp, Zaandam, The Hague and Zoetermeer. M2 Advocaten advises on cooperation agreements, turnkey realization agreements, buy/sell agreements and share agreements (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Hotel Hoofddorp

M2 Advocaten advises owner of plot of land in redevelopment and construction of new hotel in Hoofddorp (lawyer G.I. Beij).

New development project Almere

M2 Advocaten advises developer on development agreement for realization of new construction project in Almere (lawyer G.I. Beij).

West Flank (Utrecht)

M2 Advocaten assists project developer with the (re)development of the WestFlank Utrecht, including housing, shops and offices (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Project Hettenheuvelweg (Amsterdam)

M2 Advocaten assists landowners in negotiations and conclude agreements with property developers and end investors regarding (re)development of land at Hettenheuvelweg in Amsterdam Zuidoost (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Houthavenkade (Zaandam)

M2 Advocaten assists project developer in the (re)development of an industrial estate in Zaandam to a new location (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).



Procedure deficiencies dike house

M2 Advocaten assists owners of characteristic dike houses where after purchase it has appeared that construction is seriously affected by wood rot/mould (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Newly built houses

M2 Advocaten assists various owners of newly built houses who have to deal with faulty delivery, failure to meet maintenance deadlines, etc. (lawyer G.I. Beij).



Advice on new rental policy VvE Skydome

M2 Advocaten advises VvE Skydome in Amsterdam on new rental policy within the VvE, after incidents with temporary tenants and AirBNB. The new rental policy has meanwhile been adopted and entered into force (lawyer G.I. Beij).


Procedure ESO De Clercqstraat 113 (substitute authorisation)

M2 Advocaten assists VvE De Clercqstraat 113 in proceedings against a VvE member who wants a replacement authorization to change the destination of his apartment into a hotel. This authorization has been refused. Read here the judgment of the Court (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Proceedings against the manager of the VvE

M2 Advocaten assists members of the VvE in Amsterdam Zuidoost (approx. 300 apartments) in proceedings against the manager due to insufficient quality management. The court ruled that the agreement with the caretaker can be terminated (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Proceedings under basement

M2 Advocaten assists the VvE in Amsterdam South in connection with refusal of permission for basement. Court upholds the decision of the VvE (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Procedure moisture and mold problems

M2 Advocaten assists a VvE in Amsterdam in proceedings against neighboring premises for damages resulting from the skipping of moisture and mold problems (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Procedure VvE Vrolikstraat (moisture and mould nuisance)

M2 Advocaten assists a VvE in the Vrolikstraat in Amsterdam in proceedings against a property developer because of moisture and mould nuisance (lawyer G.I. Beij).

RIGHTS (e.g. Neighbourhood law, easement, statute of limitations)


Hereditary servitude procedure

M2 Advocaten assists private owners in proceedings regarding the question whether easement has been nullified by prescription (lawyer M.H. Rijntjes).

Neighbourhood law – nuisance extension

M2 Advocaten assists various owners in proceedings relating to nuisance caused by expansion (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Neighbourhood law – building across inheritance boundaries

M2 Advocaten assists various owners in proceedings in connection with ‘building over’ – building over the boundary of succession (lawyer G.I. Beij).



Recommendations Room rental, house parts and holiday rental

At the request of several owners, M2 Advocaten has advised on the (im)possibilities in the field of room rental, house sharing and holiday rental (AirBnB, bed-and-breakfast, short stay etc).


Fine fire safety

M2 Advocaten assisted the operator of a hospitality venue in the Amsterdamse Pijp area who was fined €15,000 for violating fire safety regulations. The fine will be waived in full after the appeal has been lodged (lawyer G.I. Beij)

Fines / penalties holiday rentals

M2 Advocaten assists various owners who have received fines for not complying with the rules for holiday rentals (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Fines / periodic penalty payments room rental and house parts

M2 Advocaten assists various owners who have been fined for not complying with the rules for room rental and/or housing parts (attorney at law G.I. Beij).



Extension destination for office buildings Almere Centrum

M2 Advocaten presents views on the zoning plan Almere – Centre and ensures that the zoning “offices” is significantly expanded. This gives more possibilities to redevelop office space and prevent vacancy (lawyer G.I. Beij).


Procedure for the redevelopment of the Wittenberg nursing home (single permit)

M2 Advocaten assists the owner of nursing home Wittenberg in the appeal proceedings against the environmental permit for the redevelopment to short stay. The permit has been maintained. Read the judgment here (lawyers M.H. Rijntjes and G.I. Beij).

Procedure for a single permit for a catering establishment

M2 Advocaten assists the operator of the intended catering location in the center of Amsterdam for which the municipality has refused the environmental permit (lawyer G.I. Beij).

Procedure environmental permit and exploitation permit

M2 Advocaten assists the school in objecting to the granting of an environmental permit and an operating permit for a catering establishment nearby (lawyer G.I. Beij).

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