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How far does the obligation to investigate go when purchasing a home?

We still have to deal with an overheated housing market in which buyers often feel compelled to decide hastily whether or not to buy. Even in Corona time, the buyers’ market is busy. Where it used to be customary to carry out research before buying a property, this is now often skipped. But doesn’t a […]

House sharing with two people possibly forbidden?

At the beginning of this year, the Council of State issued a remarkable ruling that holiday rentals (AirBnB) without a permit are prohibited under the Housing Act. Until then, holiday rentals had been allowed in a number of municipalities without a permit provided that the lessor met a number of conditions. As a result of […]

Essentials Dutch real estate law: The temporary lease agreement

Are you looking for a temporary home or do you just want to rent out your home temporarily? Since 2016, it has been possible in the Netherlands to lease temporarily without a tenant being automatically entitled to rent protection. In this blog we briefly discuss the regulations regarding this temporary lease agreement. No tenant protection […]

Essential Dutch real estate law: Buying a home

In this blog we briefly discuss the most important regulations in the Netherlands when buying a home. Purchase agreement and deed of delivery When buying a home, a purchase agreement must first be drawn up. For example, a purchase agreement includes the purchase price, agreements regarding defects and whether or not to make a financing […]