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Waiver of legal protection. Claim null and void?

This question was recently raised in a case before the District Court of Limburg. The case was as follows: At the time of the sale of a residential plot, it was stipulated that the purchaser or his legal successors “will never submit any objections of any kind under the applicable environmental legislation as well as […]

Duty of care mediator. Control tenant. Damage due to loss of rent?

This question was recently raised in a case before the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal. The case was as follows. A number of heirs offer the house of their deceased parents for sale through a mediator. After some time, the mediator let them know that no candidate buyers have presented themselves, but there is a candidate […]

From the practice of M2 Advocaten: VvE law

It sometimes happens that a new owner presents himself within a HOA who has certain plans and requests permission for this. This was also the case in a case in which M2 Advocaten was involved. This case involved a hotel owner who had bought a residential apartment on the first floor and wanted to add […]

Realtor statement. Client bound? Infringement of duty of care?

These questions were recently raised in a case before the Court of Appeal of Arnhem-Leeuwarden. The case was as follows. The seller engages a real estate agent when selling his home. Next to the house is a building with a garden. In the garden is the remainder of a former house located (hereinafter: “the ruin”). […]